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Teaching Geography: Workshop 3

North America

Programs and Activities: Part 2. Chicago, Philadelphia, and San Antonio

Getting Ready 2 (15 minutes)

Urban, Suburban, or Rural?

Site Leader: Part of this activity involves discussion with partners. Please be sure that everyone has a partner before beginning the activity and help participants keep track of time.

Pick a place that you have lived. What sort of region is it today: urban, suburban, or rural? Think about your answer and why you chose the answer you did. Take five minutes to list the criteria that you used to define your region as urban, suburban, or rural. Has it changed since you lived there, perhaps becoming more urban or more rural? If it has, quickly list a couple of indicators of that change.

For the remaining ten minutes, discuss as a group your different locations. See if there is group consensus on how each region is defined. What criteria are common to everyone's definitions?

Be thinking of these concepts of urban, suburban, and rural, and how places may change over time, as you watch the video.

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