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Teaching Geography: Workshop 3

North America

Programs and Activities: Part 1. Boston and Denver"

Getting Ready 1 (15 minutes)

Local Diversity

Please complete this activity prior to watching "Part 1. Boston and Denver: Mapping Urban Economic Development."

Site Leader: Please divide participants into groups of three to four for this activity and see that each group has a set of seven maps. To print maps, click here.

In the upcoming classroom segment, Denver teacher Rick Gindele has his students determine the best location for federal enterprise-zone funding. Below are some of the maps he gives his students. As a group, analyze these maps of Denver census data. With these maps as your only reference, what conclusions can you draw about Denver's development? Where are the wealthy areas? Where are the poorer areas? What patterns of ethnicity do you see? How do transportation routes affect what you see? How did you organize the maps in order to facilitate your analysis? Where would you allocate enterprise-zone funding? Write your conclusions down.

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger version of the map.

General Map with Transportation Routes No Vehicle Ownership
Median Income Hispanic Population
College Graduates African American Population
Children Living in Poverty    


General Map of Denver Showing Major Transportation Routes

Denver: Median Income

Denver: College Graduates

Denver: Children Living in Poverty

Denver: No Vehicle Ownership

Denver: Hispanic Population

Denver: African American Population

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