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Teaching Geography: Workshop 2

Latin America

Programs and Activities: Part 1. Guatemala and Mexico

Getting Ready 1 (15 minutes)

How's Your Mental Map?

Site Leader: Part of this activity involves discussion with partners. Please be sure that everyone has a partner before they engage in the activity and help people keep track of time. The first five minutes of this activity should be done individually and the last 10 minutes should be spent with a partner.

What is your mental map of Guatemala? Without the benefit of an atlas, take five minutes and sketch a map of Guatemala. Include whatever features of the land and people that you know, and its neighboring countries in the region of Latin America.

When you have completed your mental map, take 10 minutes to discuss your map with a partner. What features did you both include? Where did your maps differ? What previous experience or knowledge influenced your final mental map? Our case study and classroom segment for Part 1 investigate human migration issues in Latin America. Based on your map and discussion, individually write down what you consider to be a good geographic inquiry question relating to migration.

Be thinking of your inquiry question as you watch the video program.

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