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From: Allyn Dokus <sirdokus@earthlink.net>
Date: Thu May 01 2008 - 15:13:34 EDT
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    I have really enjoyed viewing the 'Teaching Geography' series from Annenberg Media. I liked the way that each program was set up; the documentary style case studies, followed by commentary from the professors, then the classroom segments showing some teaching in action. I am happy to say that I found all of the case studies quite interesting. Some more than others of course, but with two topics for each of the eight programs, I am impressed that all were of high interest to me and of high quality.

    One of the programs that I found of particular interest was the one on Egypt. During my student teaching interneship last fall, we did a unit on the modern Middle East, and the irrigation on Nile and the Aswan High Dam was one of the topics we covered. After having viewed the programs, I see now that the style of my teaching may have been quite boring at times. Perhaps this is partly due to the mentor teacher I had, and her style being mostly in a lecture format. As a student teacher, it is hard in the beginning not to simply emulate the mentor. Seeing other teachers in action (albeit on a tiny video screen) gives me some better ideas of how to go about it. Perhaps next time I will allow the students to come to conclusions on the pros and cons of damming the Nile, rather than simply telling them.

    I do think having participated in this workshop wil help me as a future teacher. I imagine that I could have got more out of it if there were other participants involved. Many of the 'Getting Ready' and 'Going Further' activities were clearly designed as group activities. Still, I did as much as I could from them, and made the attempt on the individual level. Even though there were not others to actively engage in discussion with, I do feel that like I've been able to reflect on what i've viewed or read, and that in itself is valuable.
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