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Teaching Geography: Teacher Talk

[Channel-talkgeography] starting up

From: Allyn Dokus <sirdokus@earthlink.net>
Date: Thu Apr 03 2008 - 15:28:16 EDT
X-Mailer: EarthLink Zoo Mail 1.0

Hello. I'm just beginning the course, and I hope I am not alone! I've viewed the first video, 'life on the borderlands' and 'NASA'. Both were very interesting. I really like the lesson presented at the end of the NASA segment. The teacher is very effective in getting the students to come to conclusions on why the Aral sea is shrinking. The teacher helps the students use the arial photographs, as well as other data to make assumptions about the problem of the sea drying up. Not only was the lesson about maps, but it also brought in environmental issues as well as human land use issues.

I look foward to any dialogue about the video programs. If I'm the only one enrolled, then I look foward to your next post Allyn! (ha ha)

-Allyn Dokus

M.Ed candidate, PSU
Plymouth, NH

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