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Teaching Geography: Teacher Talk

From: Cindy Lee Duckert (duckert@focol.org)
Date: Fri Apr 18 2003 - 11:06:30 EDT


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    As ai have listened to these past few exchanges about using this series
    with other teachers in the the fall, I realized that I may be seeng
    Teaching Geography differently.

    I thought of the series as how to improve my TEACHING of geography -
    how to more effectively communicate geographic principles
    tools and methods I may not have previously considered
    thinking about how the students incorporate geography into their own lives

    The geography presented in the videos is inherently interesting - but I was
    not looking at the series to learn more & better GEOGRAPHY but to learn to
    TEACH it (more & better).


    Cindy Lee Duckert, duckert@focol.org



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