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Teaching Geography: Teacher Talk

From: Cindy Lee Duckert (duckert@focol.org)
Date: Tue Apr 08 2003 - 14:17:52 EDT


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    At 12:39 PM 4/7/2003, you wrote:
    >I teach 9th grade World Geography and have been going through the
    >workshop. I not only found lesson plans and resources that help with my
    >thematic units but I have offered to lead this workshop in the fall for
    >new geography teachers at my school. I feel that this would better equip a
    >new teacher to our school to better teach geography in a meaningful way. I
    >would like to get some feedback from some of you who have led this
    >workshop as I prepare to write a proposal for my assistant principal in
    >charge of curriculum so that I know what to expect.
    >Glenda Wheatley
    >Loganville High School



    I had a "failed" workshop and here are some of the reasons I think it
    didn't work:

    1. we were to watch the series individually and discuss it later - this was
    to accomodate different schedules and locations)

    2. it was free of consequences so no value or urgency was placed on

    3. it was the first Annenberg course online I had done and the first
    exposure to any Annenberg product for the others. I was unable to convey
    all the extras that resulted as a part of participating in a workshop and
    the others just did not know of the quality of the programs. I am taking my
    third course now and my family has to listen to me when I have all my
    excitement afterward.

    Cindy in Wisconsin


    Cindy Lee Duckert, duckert@focol.org



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