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Teaching Geography: Teacher Talk

From: Cindy Lee Duckert (duckert@focol.org)
Date: Fri Feb 21 2003 - 11:29:00 EST


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    At 11:53 AM 2/14/2003, you wrote:
    >I was facinated with the work Mr. Sarnoff did with GIS in the High
    >School. We have some GIS capability
    >here at Tech, but it is very limited. I am considering doing something
    >similar, but getting
    >the various maps from the local city planner. Putting them on
    >transparencies and then overlaying
    >them to see where things are overlapping. This should work with a chapter
    >on population, by
    >tieing it to local situations. We have had tremendous inmigration in
    >recent years.



    We have done similar things using maps from the Dept of Trsnaportation
    (they had aerial shots of the whole state) and the soil and water
    conservation dept. Once I made sure the maps were the same scale, we
    pinned them to boards and laid plastic over them and then could mark the
    plastic sheets with washable markers. I have marked one sheet of plastic
    with indeible ink gridlines to better calculate areas.



    Cindy Lee Duckert, duckert@focol.org



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