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Teaching Geography: Teacher Talk

From: Jane Rizika (coastcard@attbi.com)
Date: Wed Oct 16 2002 - 15:29:38 EDT


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    Hi All,

    I have yet to view the third video, though I have taped it. As soon as I
    view it I will post my thoughts. At first I was not sure how to repond to
    the discussion so that is part of why I have been silent. I have been
    enjoying the videos though, and plan to watch the third one before the 4th
    shows. I just got the paperwork last week and have been sick so that slowed
    my progress down.

    I recently completed my Masters of information and library studies distance
    learning through Florida State University. I am currently working on getting
    my teaching certification, and work part time as a reference assistant and
    substitute as a reference librarian when I can fit that into my schedule.

    Jane Rizika


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