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Engaging With Literature: A Workshop for Teachers, Grades 3-5

About This Workshop

Asking Questions: An Interactive Guide
1. Foundations

2. Looking at Literature

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Classroom Connection

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3. Starting Classroom Conversations

4. Classroom Dialogues

5. Using Art and Other Disciplines To Enrich Classroom Conversations

6. Beginning the Year

7. Many Students: Many Voices and Abilities

8. Reacting to Students' Work

9. The Professional Teacher

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Workshop 2. Looking at Literature

Book groups in BJ Namba's class work with a text they have selected to read together.Classroom Connection

Student Activities

Try these activities with your students.
  • Have students choose a book and a partner with whom to read together. Refer to the Book Buddy Reading Guide (PDF) for help organizing this project.
  • Do a series of book talks in which you describe 6-10 different titles. Ask the class to choose one for the next read-aloud.
  • Offer students a choice of 4-5 titles and have them read and discuss the title of their choice in book clubs groups. You may want to use Choosing a Good Book: Modeling Text Choices (PDF) if students need help learning how to make good choices.
  • Assemble a number of picture books on a similar theme or by the same author. Have students spend several days reading them, independently or with a buddy. In groups of 4-5 students, have them prepare a report for the class on their experiences as readers. You may want to use some of the discussion activities from Appreciating Stories (PDF) to prepare students for this activity.

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