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Engaging With Literature: A Workshop for Teachers, Grades 3-5

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Asking Questions: An Interactive Guide
1. Foundations

2. Looking at Literature

3. Starting Classroom Conversations

4. Classroom Dialogues

5. Using Art and Other Disciplines To Enrich Classroom Conversations

6. Beginning the Year

7. Many Students: Many Voices and Abilities

8. Reacting to Students' Work

9. The Professional Teacher

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Workshop 1. Foundations


[Channel-talklit3to5] Workshop #5 Reflecting on Conversation Mediums

From: Leida Torres <latinaleida@msn.com>
Date: Tue Feb 21 2006 - 11:52:43 EST

             Writing is comforting. It is a venue to express thoughts that I enjoy most. A few weeks ago, the students in my class told me that they did not want any writing homework that night. I asked them because the following day they would all be involved in a school performance of the National Circus Project that would occupy 90% of the day. I feigned shock and asked why. Jenifer coyly said, If we tell you, you will not like it. Then she went on to say, Its boring. Thinking about the content and general quality of their writing and the writing prompts I provide, I feel this is more of an attempt to get less homework than their actual feeling. Many of the writing prompts come from the book, 730 Journal Prompts-Primary, published by the Education Center. Inc. There is a broad selection of topics that cover many writing genres. For the most part, I am comfortable that they are well aware that writing is an essential part of academic success. As an incentive to get them to use their home computers for something more than a game monitor, I started to use the Quiz Tool on discoveryschool.com to set up writing assignments. After submitting their response, they can print the coloring page that I linked to the page. They are intrigued by the process and tend to write more than they would if they were writing in their notebooks. And, it saves my eyesight!

            Music is definitely the response mode that is difficult for me to implement. Everything about it seems difficult. There are many benefits to be had by using it. When used effectively, it is relaxing and entertaining-a dimension that is sometimes untouched. I learned that if it is to be used, it must be introduced very early in the year. Next year, I intend to do just that.


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