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In Workshop 1, you learn that most of the energy on the Earth comes directly or indirectly from the Sun. But the path there is hardly direct. In this activity, you will be able to explore some of the complexities of the path that energy can take as it travels through various systems on Earth.

To participate in this activity:

1. Click on an energy "Source," for example, the Sun.

2. Click on an energy "Receiver," that is, an energy user that gets some or all of its energy directly from the energy source that you selected.

3. If you have found a viable path from enegy source to energy receiver, an arrow will appear indicating that path. Otherwise, the computer will beep indicating that you should try another path.

If you wish to get a hint, or are simply curious to learn more about an energy pathway, click on a hint button next to an energy receiver. A short hint will appear below the game, giving you a clue about where the object you clicked on gets its energy from. If the hint is sufficient, you can then return to the game by clicking "Back to the Game," or you can click "Solution" if you wish to actually see all the sources that that receiver gets energy from (the relevant pathways will appear in yellow on the game itself) and read an explanation (below the game).

At any time you can click on the "Instructions" link at the upper left, bringing you to this page, "Back to Energy Web Site," ending the game, or "Conclusion," which jumps you to the end of the game where there is a final thought question and some explanation of how the whole energy system functions.

Good Luck!