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Workshop Components

On-Site Activities

The support materials provide activities and discussion topics for pre-and post-viewing investigations that complement weekly programs.

Getting Ready (Site Investigation)

In preparation for watching the program, you will engage in 30 minutes of investigation through discussion and activity.

Watch the Workshop Video

Then you will watch 60 minutes of video with classroom footage, commentary, science demonstrations, and more.

Going Further (Site Investigations)

Wrap up the workshop with an additional 30 minutes of investigation through discussion and activity.

For Next Time
Homework Assignment

You will be assigned exercises and activities that tie into the last workshop or prepare you for the next one.

Workshop Journal

A critical part of talking steps toward change is representing learning along the way. This is a deliberate process that calls for reflecting upon your own understandings before, during, and after key experiences, and documenting how these understanding change. While there are numerous ways to represent learning, we suggest using a journal. As the workshops progress, pay particular attention to changes in your thinking and the implications of these changes, and record them in your journal.


You can communicate with other workshop participants via email, through the Teacher-TalkEnergy@learner.org email list.


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