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[Channel-talkenergy] Science in Focus: Energy

From: Neal Utesch <utescnea@sergeant-bluff.k12.ia.us>
Date: Wed Feb 13 2008 - 18:41:58 EST
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Still looking for someone to talk with about the class Science in Focus: Energy. I am writing today about session 2 and the information that I learned from it. I thought that it was interesting how we use the words; work, power,energy, and force in everyday conversations but never really think about the connection that the words have. Once it was pointed out to me that they would be connected, I thought about it more and decided that they can all be used to describe the process of work or the work that we do. I also found it interesting how similar adults and children defined what work is. Even the professional scientist used similar language in their descriptions of work as those of a child. Let me know your thoughts on the session. Hope to hear from someone.

Neal Utesch

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