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From: A. Hawley (Hawley@starband.net)
Date: Thu Jul 22 2004 - 12:05:27 EDT

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    Hello Everyone,
    This is the first time I have used this service and I still don't understand how it works, so rather than type long philosophical and scientific thoughts, I'll just ask a simple question. There are reading assignments listed in the appendix, but I have no Idea how to find them. I live very isolatedly, outside of a very isolated town, with no such thing as an advanced library. Does one just type in the title and author on the internet and hope? Does someone out there have these on their computer? If so, please send them to me, preferably by pasting them into the email message. Thanks so much.

    P.S. I only have access to the internet sporadically, so please do not expect timely resposes.

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