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From: Flywheel (rysz_c1@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Sep 01 2003 - 04:31:46 EDT

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    Nice Hello from Flywheel Storage

    & Sun Tracking

    Goodbay to Blackout forever


    Responding to your Questions;

    We offer Safety Solution

    Rolling Blackout will always happened, since the SYSTEM -
    is design to protect itself in dangerous
    Over-Current Situations.

    Breakers basic duty is defense whole system, shut down,
    and isolate from Grid;

    "Wave of over-current" travel to next Sub-Station
    and stimulate the same results on another, then another,
    then another. And a VOLTAGE is growing rapidly.

    Growing Disconnection in Domino Effect;
    we did seen twice;

    Accident ~ 30 years ago (baby boom) - for purpose recently.

    To decrease all "Over-Current situation"

    in POWER LINE or reduce to Zero



    Energy Storage 25 - 1000 MWh

    and no Sub - Station will ever have any risk again.

    Small units UPS 20 - 200 kWh protect Stories,

    mainframes, servers, computers and homes,

    hospitals, public & private places;

    give back emergency energy for hours & days

    and/or time for diesel/gas generator to work.

    But with Solar Palette & Sun Tracking - you don't need anything else.

    & Enjoy Safety & Energy Supply for generations to come;

    Rest you can find on:






     Have a nice Weekend !

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