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From: Alaaddin Akgul (alaaddin@dr.com)
Date: Sat Dec 14 2002 - 13:55:27 EST

  • Next message: Kohl, Laurel(Energy Institute): "RE: [Channel-talkenergy] Hands on Activity about Forms of energy"

        Oh well I think this is first time sending a message about Energy.First of all I like Energy project. Cat traption project is really good to explain the energy conversion. When I compare applying this project in real life or analyzing on the Web, I prefer to make Internet activity. Of course time is #1 issue for me. Yesterday in the PBS kids, they do similar activities. Only problem was too much time to prepare the apparatus and little time to observe the result.Kids also told how hard they worked. If the purpose is to teach kids how energy is converted, Web activity Allison gave is right on target.

        I also know a computer game named "TIM" which is really cool to play. This is a cheap, one or two floppy disks game having lots of hands on activity inside. You establish a system to fulfil a certain task. You have cats mouse balls and lots of stuff to do a certain task which I do recommend for K12 kids. This game is also found very useful for kids with special needs.A friend of mine used in the hospital for mentally damaged children.

    By the way I teach Physical Science for 6th and 8th graders in a charter middle school close to Atlanta. We adopted experiment based Science curriculum called as "FAST".

    Aladdin Akgul, Science Teacher
    Fulton Science Academy, Middle school
    Alpharetta GA

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