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From: Petersons (bikedoctor@citlink.net)
Date: Thu Dec 12 2002 - 01:07:57 EST

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    Rube Goldberg-like contraptionsIs Your Car a Gas-Guzzler?

    1. Using the automobile mileage data you started collecting as homework for Workshop 1, record on a blackboard

    or an overhead transparency the total miles per gallon for each vehicle in the group.

    I am not in a group. Does anyone want to share with me their findings?

            My 1990 Honda Accord total miles per gallon = 28

    2. Compare the mileage for different cars. Which car was the most fuel-efficient? Which was the least fuelefficient?

    3. What do the fuel-efficient cars have in common?

    4. What do the less fuel-efficient cars have in common?

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