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Through the course of the Cat-Traption, energy is transferred from one thing to another many times. Some of the events in the Cat-Traption are actually energy transfers; others are merely triggers which release potential energy that already exists within the object being triggered. In such cases, the energy that was in the thing that triggered the release can't disappear, either, and so it must be dissipated in some way. If you can answer all of the questions posed in this activity, then you very likely have a good understanding of many of the most important concepts in this activity, such as potential vs. kinetic energy, the conservation of energy, and the forms energy can take.

To participate in this activity:

1. Click "Play"

2. Watch a portion of the Cat-Traption closely

3. When you are ready for a question, press the question button on the lower left corner of the screen.

4. Choose the answer that seems best.

5. When you have read the explanation, click "Continue."

If you wish to start again from the beginning, click "Reset" in the upper left hand corner

If you wish to repeat a question or jump ahead, click the letter that corresponds to the question you wish to jump to, at the top of the screen.

Good Luck!