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The Economics Classroom
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Web Site and Video Production Credits
The Economics Classroom is a production of Pacific Street Films for Annenberg Media.
Web Site Production Credits
Senior Producer
Steven Fischler

Clark Bortree

Clark Bortree
Steven Fischler

John Morton
Steven Fischler
Jeffrey Weintraub

Copy Editor
Elaine Schwartz

Video Series Production Credits
Series Producers
Steven Fischler
Joel Sucher

Hosted by
Timothy Taylor

Written by
Steven Fischler
Timothy Taylor
Jeffrey Weintraub

Series Editor
Alanna Yudin

Coordinating Producer
Clark Bortree

John Miglietta

Chris Bell
John Coppola
Bob Dickerson
Doug Hamilton
Larry Kaltenbach
Adam Kaplan
David K. Neesley
Francisco LaTorre
Frank Tonhazy

Director of Content
John Morton

Educational Consultant
Timothy Taylor

Series Consultant
Steve Rabin
Educational Film Center

Host Sequences
Camera Martin D. Toub
Sound Daniel Lehrecke
Lighting Mike Handley
Teleprompter Tessa Gauer
Production Assistant M'Wasi T. Berkley

Animation & Graphics
Producer Martin D. Toub
Graphic Artists:
Katsumi Funahashi
Eric Eiser

Additional Camera
Clark Bortree
Chuck Levey
Martin D. Toub

Assistant Editor
Katsumi Funahashi

Post Production Assistant
Masako Uetani

Post Production Facilities
Pacific Street Films

On-Line Editor
Richard Ramsauer, SmartPros

Accounting Services
Jeffrey McConney

Board of Advisors
Brett Hardin
Donna McCreadie
John Morton
Steve Rabin
Dimitri Saliani
Mark Schug
Elaine Schwartz
Timothy Taylor

Teachers and Schools Featured

Heather Anderson
Eau Gallie High School, Melbourne, FL

Kendra Cheese
Lakewood Senior High,Lakewood, CO

Dr. Eric M. Gernant
High School of Economics and Finance, NYC

Jay Grenawalt
George Washington High School, Denver, CO

Brett Hardin
Campbell High School, Smyrna, Georgia

Ted Hartsoe
Choate Rosemary Hall, Wallingford, CT

Marc A. Johnson
Smoky Hill High School, Aurora , CO

Richie Kibota
Iolani High School, Honolulu, HI

Dee Mecham
Kamehameha School, Honolulu, HI

Mark Melkonian
High School of Economics and Finance, NYC

Ghandi Moussa
High School of Economics and Finance, NYC

Carol Penland
South Cobb High School, Austell, GA

Dick Rankin
Iolani High School, Honolulu, HI

Steve Reich
Valhalla High School, Valhalla, NY

Eliot Scher
White Plains High School, White Plains, NY

Elaine Schwartz
Kent Place School, Summit, NJ

Greg Smith
Hastings High School, Hastings on Hudson, NY

Anna Vanlandingham
Lake Mary High School, Lake Mary, FL

Special Thanks
Cecile Archibald, New York Stock Exchange, Inc.
Dr. Patrick Burke, Principal, High School of Economics & Finance, NY
Donald G. Fell, Florida Council on Economic Education
Mark Holden
Shelly Mizrahi, Florida Council on Economic Education
Charlotte Murphy & Marne Hodgin, Choate Rosemary Hall
Eliot Scher, White Plains High School, White Plains, NY
Michael Stanzione, High School of Economics and Finance, NYC
Gail A. Tamaribuchi, Center for Economic Education, Honolulu, HI
Ron Wendt, Campbell High School, Symrna, GA
Mike Zane, Kalani High School, Mililani, HI

Timothy Taylor
filmed on location at

DeWitt Wallace Library
Macalester College
St. Paul, Minnesota

Annenberg Media Project Officer
Michele McLeod

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