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Project Contributors
Steven Fischler, Project Director
Steven Fischler & Joel Sucher, Producers

Since the founding of Pacific Street Films (PSF) in 1969, Steven Fischler and Joel Sucher have produced, directed and written award-winning documentary films on a wide variety of historical, cultural and political themes. Sucher and Fischler have been the recipients of numerous awards and grants, including Guggenheim Fellowships in Film, Emmy Awards, Cine Golden Eagles and the John Grierson Award for Social Documentaries.

Fischler and Sucher have chronicled both overlooked historical movements (Free Voice of Labor: The Jewish Anarchists and Anarchism in America), and in the case of the United Nations (Blue Helmets: The Story of United Nations Peacekeeping and In Search of Peace), misunderstood ones. In 1996, PSF began work on the forgotten story of how Jewish professors who had fled Nazi Germany ended up teaching at historically black colleges in the South. From Swastika to Jim Crow had its broadcast premiere on PBS, February 1, 2001. PSF has produced compelling long-form biographical sketches on individuals ranging from rock 'n roll legend Frankie Lymon (I Promise to Remember, 1983), to directors Martin Scorsese (Martin Scorsese Directs) and Oliver Stone (Oliver Stone: Inside/Out). Fischler and Sucher have produced a 12-part series, Exploring the World of Music, for the A/CPB, a five-part series, The Warrior Tradition, for broadcast on the History Channel, as well as many other broadcast documentaries for both public and commercial television.

Clark Bortree
Coordinating Producer
Web Site Designer

Clark Bortree has worked with Pacific Street Films since 1996, both as coordinating producer and as a director. He directed two shows in PSF's The Warrior Tradition series, Samurai and Shogun, which aired on the History Channel, as well as Speed Traps, a one-hour documentary produced for the Learning Channel. Prior to coming to Pacific Street Films, Bortree worked for several years as an instructor for international students living in the United States. He is also a web designer, working for PSF and for private clients, and has designed and programmed The Economic Classroom web site.

John Morton
Director of Content

John S. Morton is Vice President for Program Development at the National Council on Economic Education. Previously, he was President of the Arizona Council on Economic Education from 1997 to 2001. Mr. Morton has over 35 years' experience as a high school economics teacher, college professor, college administrator, and economic education writer and presenter. He is the author or co-author of more than 30 publications.

Timothy Taylor
Educational Consultant, Writer and Series Host

Timothy Taylor is managing editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives, an academic journal published quarterly by the American Economic Association based at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. Taylor received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Haverford College in 1982 and a Master's degree in economics from Stanford University in 1984. He then worked as an editorial writer for the San Jose Mercury News for two years, before starting the Journal of Economic Perspectives in 1986. He has won awards for teaching economics at Stanford University and the University of Minnesota. He has recorded several economics courses for the general public through the Teaching Company.

Board of Advisors

Brett Hardin
Brett Hardin is a social studies teacher who began teaching economics in 1996. Hardin has B.A. in History from Wesleyan University and a M.S. in Secondary Education from the University of Pennsylvania. He is Georgia Teacher of the Year for 2002.

Donna McCreadie
Donna McCreadie is an Economics and Honors Economics teacher at Temple City High School, California. She received her bachelor's degree at California State University, Los Angeles and her master's at the University of Delaware in Economic Education. Donna is the past President of the California Association of School Economics Teachers and a member of the Writing Committee for National Standards in Economics. She received Disney's American Teacher Award in 2001, in the fall of 2000 was selected by the U.S. State Department to teach in Russia. Her honors include Close Up Foundation's 2001 Teaching Award, recipient of the State Farm Good Neighbor Award 1996, the Foundation for Teaching Economics' 1994 Excellence in Economic Education and the 1994 California Economics Teacher of the Year presented by EconomicsAmerica of California.

Stephen Rabin
Stephen Rabin was first Director of Media at the National Endowment for the Humanities (1974). The more than 500 national prime-time television and radio productions developed during his tenure include: The Adams Chronicles, The American Short Story Series, and the ethics series, Hard Choices. Currently, Rabin is president of the Educational Film Center (EFC) and since 1983 has been responsible for management of production, development and financing of its programs. Under his direction EFC has created and produced a number of telecourses, teacher training and workshop series and several hundred television specials, series, and videos, including several for A/CPB. These include: The World of Chemistry, Economics U$A, Exploring the World of Music, In Search of the Novel, and Inside the Global Economy.

Dimitri Saliani
Dimitri Saliani is the Social Studies Chairman at Eleanor Roosevelt High School in New York City opening in September 2002. He has taught previously at two well-respected districts in New York State (Minisink Valley and Mahopac) for five years. He has incorporated Economic principles into courses such as World History as well as United States History. He has received his Master's Degree from New York University and Bachelor's from the State University of New York at New Paltz with a major in History.

Mark Schug
Dr. Mark C. Schug is the Director of the UW-Milwaukee Center for Economic Education. The UWM Center is affiliated with the Wisconsin Council on Economic Education and the National Council on Economic Education. Dr. Schug has taught for over 30 years at the middle school, high school, and university levels. Professor Schug has written and edited over 170 publications.

Elaine L. Schwartz
Elaine L. Schwartz is an AP Economics teacher at the Kent Place School. Located in Summit, NJ, Kent Place is an independent all girls' day school for nursery through grade 12. During her 31 years at Kent Place, Elaine chaired the History Department and taught US History. Currently, she occupies an Endowed Chair in Economics and is a member of the Cum Laude Society. Schwartz is a mentor teacher and a workshop leader for the Foundation for Teaching Economics and the author of several textbooks.


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