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[Channel-talkeconomics] Closure for Workshop #1

From: Alicia Ross <aliciar@echoes.net>
Date: Sat Jul 15 2006 - 11:04:26 EDT
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2900.2869

Closure Review the definitions of economics on the list developed at the beginning of the workshop. How would you change your perception of what economics is all about now that you have seen the video program? What shifts have you made in your thinking?


To be perfectly honest, I have not made any shifts in my thinking. I have taught Economics for seven years and I did two of the lesson plans covered in the video (private property and why do people trade?) What I enjoyed was seeing another teacher implement the same lesson plan and how they made it their own. I have personalized both of these lesson plans but I definitely got some great ideas from these teachers. In the lesson on opportunity cost, I do conduct a similar discussion, but I have avoided the decision-making charts as I thought they were too time-consuming. However, having the students work in groups on an economic mystery involving opportunity cost and a quick presentation is a great idea as well. It gives student a visual to work with instead of simply discussing the concept.


I enjoyed this quote and will share this with my students at the beginning of the course:


"Everywhere we turn, if we choose one thing we must relinquish others which, in different circumstances, we would wish not to have relinquished. Scarcity of means to satisfy given ends is an almost ubiquitous condition of human nature. Here then, is the unity of subject of Economic Science, the forms assumed by human behavior in disposing of scarce means."

                                                          Lionel Robbins

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