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[Channel-talkeconomics] Workshop 4 Closure Section

From: Bill Lee <lblee@athenet.net>
Date: Sun Jul 09 2006 - 03:00:29 EDT
X-Mailer: Apple Mail (2.624)


In response to the Closure section for Workshop #4: Learning, Earning,
and Saving

Here's some information on published and online lesson packages.
Please share any that you have used along with any comments pro or con

I have used lessons from the following:

        IT ALL ADDS UP (Teachers’ Guide) http://www.italladdsup.org/
         It is an interactive site, and I allowed students to use it. It
required little on my part. I would like to do more to develop some
other activities around it in the future. I have not used any of the
other interactive modules.

        Financial Fitness for Life
                Talking to Your Kids About Personal Finance (6 – 12)
                Bringing Home the Gold

        Personally I didn't find the lessons very engaging.

        Also available (but I haven’t used) are:
                Financial Fitness for Life: Pocket Power;

        and two that I just purchased for our department but have not used
                Capstone – Exemplary Lessons for High School Economics
                Learning, Earning and Investing http://ncee.net/ea/program.php?pid=16

        Please let me know if you are familiar with either one, and whether
you have found them to be valuable

Also there’s a wealth of related resources located at National Council
on Economic Education – Economics America

*My personal investment rules that I continue to struggle with are:
~Change those habits which lead to unnecessary consumption with habits
of greater savings.
~earn more education credits to increase my earnings potential.
~Save more for my child’s college years.
~Live within the budget we regularly set and reset after failing to
live within it!

Take Care


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