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[Channel-talkeconomics] Workshop 2: Cartels and other questions

From: David Gavron <David.Gavron@wayland.k12.ma.us>
Date: Fri Jul 07 2006 - 12:56:49 EDT
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Hi Renee and Bill,

I hope you don't mind if I jump into the conversation....

Our Econ class is a semester long. We run it second semester and it is open to
all Jrs and Srs. Last Spring was my first time teaching the course. We do not
use a textbook.

Do either of you?

I did a similar activity as the cartel example in the workshop. The kids lied
like it was their job! It was interesting to watch the kids' expressions. Some
had great poker faces!

Renee, did you feel that the cartel example was canned too? I was wondering
why the teacher stopped after a few rounds when his students had a sheet that
said they would be going 5 rounds? Maybe he was out of time. I think it is
important that the kids have clear expectations presented to them regarding
the "rules of the game", whatever the game might be.

Bill, I have a 12 and 3 year old with another on the way in October. I know
how difficult it is to catch up on e-mails and other work!

Hope to hear from you!



>===== Original Message From "Ewing, Elizabeth" <elizabethewing@KATYISD.ORG>
>I am glad I found your message. I am inspired to do some more lessons.
>I got a notice abut them this morning. I really liked the trade one,
>but it seemed canned. My students are not so predictable. My kids
>would probably never like what they traded for or would be perfectly
>content with the first trade. But I liked the idea. I am teaching
>summer school and it has worked well in this group -- highly motivated
>kids who pay for the class. Nice talking to you.
>Renee Ewing
>Mayde Creek High School
>Katy ISD
>Katy, Texas
>-----Original Message-----
>From: channel-talkeconomics-bounces@learner.org
>[mailto:channel-talkeconomics-bounces@learner.org] On Behalf Of Bill Lee
>Sent: Tuesday, July 04, 2006 1:41 AM
>To: Discussion list for THE ECONOMICS CLASSROOM
>Subject: Re: [Channel-talkeconomics] Workshop 1: Is Anybody Out There?
>Hi Renee,
>Yes that was the one. My name is Bill Lee. I'm entering my 17th year
>as a social studies teacher at Kaukauna High School (Wisconsin). I
>currently teach AP History, Constitutional Law, and every student's
>favorite - Economics. I've actually found many of the sample lessons
>depicted helpful. I find these types of programs rejuvenating. Thanks
>for responding. My family and I have been off enjoying a long holiday
>week. With a four year old this is a good time to catch up on emails.
>Take Care
>On Jun 28, 2006, at 11:12 AM, Elizabeth wrote:
>> Who are you? I recognize your name. I saw a video on trade. Is that
>> the one where he has goodies in brown bags and the kids trade? Are we
>> on the same page? If so I can get back to you.
>> Renee Ewing
>> Economics
>> Mayde Creek high
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: channel-talkeconomics-bounces@learner.org
>> [mailto:channel-talkeconomics-bounces@learner.org] On Behalf Of Bill
>> Lee
>> Sent: Wednesday, June 28, 2006 1:19 AM
>> To: channel-talkeconomics@learner.org
>> Subject: [Channel-talkeconomics] Workshop 1: Is Anybody Out There?
>> I enjoyed video Workshop #1, and am hoping that there are others now
>> enrolled in the summer '06 workshop who would like to swap
>> and suggestions.
>> I currently teach two sections of economics and thought the lessons
>> shown were creative and would help students understand the concepts
>> being explored.
>> My personal favorite was the last lesson on cartels. It reminded me
>> my class. I could definitely relate to the instructor, especially
>> he was asked why they weren't playing another round because the
>> worksheet had space for one more.
>> I also enjoyed the lesson on barriers to trade, but that was
>> a high ability, high motivational group of students; not my class
>> makeup.
>> If anyone's out there please reply.
>> Thanks
>> Bill
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David Gavron

Wayland High School Social Studies Department

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