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The Economics Classroom
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About the Workshops
Students learn about absolute and comparative advantage
Students learn about absolute and comparative advantage
This series of teacher development workshops is intended for high school teachers of economics, many of whom have little or no background in the subject, to help them learn effective lessons and techniques for bringing this important and often misunderstood subject to their students.

Eight workshops organized along broad subject lines illustrate how economists think, how markets operate and how and why the government participates in the economy. Watching real classroom lessons, you'll see students learning the basics of personal finance as well as a few things about wealth that they never knew before. Demonstrations and exercises designed by economic educators also cover the role of the entrepreneur and innovation in economic life, as well as the dynamics of international trade.


Each workshop, which is divided into several segments each addressing a different aspect of the broad subject area, features actual in-classroom footage of teachers who are recognized for their skill in teaching economics. These classroom segments are accompanied by introductory and background information presented by Professor Timothy Taylor of Macalester College in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a leading economic educator and managing editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives.

Each workshop also includes lesson plans and curriculum suggestions as well as interviews with teachers discussing their techniques, lesson plans and pertinent experiences, as well as students reacting to the lessons in which they have just participated. Teachers and students comprise a diverse group in schools ranging from a private girls school in suburban New Jersey to public schools in and outside of cities like Atlanta and Denver to honors classrooms in Hawaii and an urban high school in New York City. Teachers can follow links throughout this website to learn more about a particular subject, find additional lesson ideas and exercises and obtain additional information on the teachers and classes featured in these workshops.

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