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Critical Issues in School Reform


R E F L E C T I N G  O N  T E A C H I N G  P R A C T I C E
Student Work and Teacher Work,
Part II-Science

with Activities and Resources

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Historically, teaching has been an isolated profession-school structures encouraged teachers to spend almost all of their time alone in their classrooms with their students. New practices in peer observation, in which colleagues observe one another in their classrooms and then meet to discuss what they saw, are working to break down this isolation and encourage collaboration. Observation is useful, not only for the teacher being observed, but also for the observer, as she makes connections to her own practice and ways to improve her teaching.

This program will be useful for:

  • Teachers and administrators considering or already using processes of peer observation in their schools. The program will be particularly useful for groups of educators who have experience with peer observation and are looking to reflect and build upon their existing experience.

  • Pre-service teachers interested in processes for enhancing their practice and building collaborative relationships with colleagues.


In this program, a group of four teachers will model the kind of reflective dialogue that is prompted by classroom observation. They will use a short video segment of a fifth-grade science classroom to prompt their conversation. After looking closely at and discussing the segment, they will talk about what the segment makes them think about their own teaching. They will also discuss their experiences with and learning from peer observation in their own schools.

Funding for this video program and web site was provided by the Annenberg Media Math and Science Project.


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