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Critical Issues in School Reform


R E F L E C T I N G  O N  T E A C H I N G  P R A C T I C E
Student Work, Teacher Work,
and Standards, Part I-Math

with Activities and Resources

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For several years, teachers, administrators, and colleagues in the education community have been developing ways to use samples of student work as a tool in improving teaching practice, and thereby, student learning. In this program, a group of educators use a "Tuning Protocol" - a structured process for reviewing and giving feedback on a sample of student work - to give feedback to Chicha Lynch, a tenth grade mathematics teacher from San Bruno, California. The group then discusses ways they have found using processes like the Tuning Protocol to be useful in collaborative work in their schools.

This program will be useful for:

  • Teachers and administrators considering or already using processes to examine student work in collaborative settings in their schools.

  • Pre-service teachers interested in processes for enhancing their practice and building collaborative relationships with colleagues.

  • Educators interested in ways that examining student work can help in connecting standards to meaningful classroom practice.

Funding for this video program and web site was provided by the Annenberg Media Math and Science Project.

Chicha Lynch's math class

The following items will be useful to participants in viewing the tape:

1. A copy of the problem that students present in Chicha Lynch's math class:

60 x 60 x 24 x 365 = 31,536,000
seconds in 1 year

12 x 5280 x 186,000 = 1.17 E10 *

31,3536,000Answer: 3.716 E17
x 1.17 E10inches in 1 light year!
3.716 E17

[* E = exponent of 10; i.e., E10 = 1010]

2. A copy of the NCTM standard on Mathematics as Communication that Chicha Lynch is considering in this lesson and in her focusing question.

A report, "Looking at Student Work Together", is available from an Annenberg Institute working group on involving parents in looking at student work.


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