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Critical Issues in School Reform


I N N O V A T I O N S  I N  
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Making Teaching Public

L E A R N I N G  F R O M  S T U D E N T  W O R K
Reflecting on Teaching Practice: Student Work and Teacher Work,
Part II - Science


An On-Line Discussion about Peer Observation

You can participate with viewers from around the country in an on-line discussion on professional collaboration and peer observation for viewers of the following programs: Innovations in Professional Collaboration: Making Teaching Public, and Reflecting on Teaching Practice: Student Work and Teacher Work, Part II - Science.

When: Making Teaching Public: March 3 to 10 and April 7 to 14
This discussion will be moderated by Christelle Estrada at Pasadena High School.

Reflecting on Teaching Practice (Part II - Science): March 30 to April 8
This discussion will be moderated by Gene Thompson-Grove at the Annenberg Institute.

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