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Conversations in Literature
Conversations in Literature — Workshop

Individual Program

1. Responding
as Readers

2. Envisioning

3. Stepping In

4. Moving Through

5. Rethinking

6. Objectifying
the Text

7. The Stances
in Action

8. Returning to the

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Re: [Channel-talklitconversations] Workshop 5 Response

From: evalu8tor <evalu8tor@yahoo.com>
Date: Sat Jul 09 2005 - 16:58:30 EDT

I know in speaking to other English teachers within
the building, our high school students typically hate
studying Shakepeare. They feel that it is too dry and
boring. In turn, I have always been hesitant to read
Shakespeare with my English students, since they are
special needs students - I've always felt the material
would be too difficult for them to understand. But
reading the play and viewing the discussion has given
me a new awareness of the play Hamlet. I can now see
it deals with universal problems such as family
conflicts, expectations of others, parents
relationships with new partners.
In context, if students are able to make this
connection they would be able to gain better
understand and enjoy the material.
This discussion was very interesting and really made
me think about the material in a variety of new ways.


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