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Conversations in Literature
Conversations in Literature — Workshop

Individual Program

1. Responding
as Readers

2. Envisioning

3. Stepping In

4. Moving Through

5. Rethinking

6. Objectifying
the Text

7. The Stances
in Action

8. Returning to the

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[Channel-talklitconversations] First posting and response

From: Harrison Bourne <[email protected]>
Date: Mon Jun 20 2005 - 13:16:30 EDT

Thanks Janie for motivating me to post. You are not alone. I also am
doing it for the equivalent of a grad credit with my district.

        I really liked hearing that books provide access to more experience.
It’s great being able to experience things I can’t do. I’m thinking of
Jon Krakauer’s works, where I can travel to Alaska, Everest, or southern
Utah while relaxing at night.

        I also can relate to the feeling of seeing books and wanting to read them
all. I get a lot of books as presents and they all call to me to read
them, even as they pile up on the book shelf. My wife mocks me, but I
call it an occupational hazard to have books piled high.

Sorry for the brevity, but I am entering grades, writing a recommendation,
and cleaning my classroom as I do this.


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