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RE: Re: [Channel-talklitconversations] Conversations inLiterature? "The Lifeguard"

From: alex efimkin <bk_alex2000@yahoo.com>
Date: Mon Mar 21 2005 - 14:30:46 EST

Dear friends, could your send my monthly conversation planning, including correct time and date. thank you. alex

Glad to hear there are others out there. We are meeting this afternoon for
the 4th video. I liked Mary's idea about using the poem to springboard
writing. With our curriculum we often move back and forth between the
literature and writing, trying to imitate an author's style. I also
wondered about pairing "The Lifeguard" with another poem that deals with
recollection of a traumatic experience. Any suggestions for poems that
might work well with it?
Thanks for joining in.

Ms. Eileen K. Schofield
Chairperson, English Department
Xaverian Brothers High School
800 Clapboardtree Street
Westwood, MA 02090
(781) 326-6392 X6694

-----Original Message-----
From: channel-talklitconversations-bounces@learner.org
[mailto:channel-talklitconversations-bounces@learner.org] On Behalf Of
Sent: Friday, March 18, 2005 9:42 AM
Subject: Re: Re: [Channel-talklitconversations] Conversations inLiterature?
"The Lifeguard"

I think the poem, 'The Lifeguard' is extremely intricate and a great topic
for discussion among students. They could even springboard their own
writing about life experiences -- of their parents or relatives -- from it.
That is how I used it. So many students found out things about family
members through discussion and an interview process that they plotted out
before a reading and discussion of this poem at home. This poem and the
interview process stirred up old 'youthful' memories of the relatives of the
students. Of course I was able to add rich insight to the poem as I was a
lifeguard for three years during my college years and I discussed the poem
with my sons to see how my planning would work, only in reverse.
> From: "michael kandel"
> Date: 2005/03/17 Thu PM 09:23:02 EST
> To: "A discussion list for CONVERSATIONS IN LITERATURE"
> Subject: Re: [Channel-talklitconversations] Conversations in Literature?
> "The Lifeguard"
> I've put this course on hold for almost a year! I've done the assignments
-to a point and have really gained from the streaming video.
> If someone can bring me up to date about the poems being read, I'll dive
> Michael Kandel
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: eschofield
> To: channel-talklitconversations@learner.org
> Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2005 12:02 PM
> Subject: [Channel-talklitconversations] Conversations in Literature?
"The Lifeguard"
> Greetings: Along with several other teachers from my school, I am
participating in the Conversations in Literature Workshop. We were
disappointed to see so few postings in this section. Is it possible there
are others out there who have seen this and decided not to post a question?
If you are currently enrolled, we would like to hear from you We had a
lively discussion about Dickey's "The Lifeguard" and how students might
respond to the ambiguities in the poem.
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