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Making Civics Real Workshop 8: Rights and Responsibilities of Students  
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Workshop 7

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Teacher Perspectives: Lessons learned

Matt Johnson: One of the things that I might do differently--and it would help save time--is think twice about having every single student in a class this size give their briefing of a case. I would require them to type it up, distribute it. But I might not ask all 30 kids to stand up and present. That took a long time and it may not be necessary. It's a reinforcement of verbal skills and presentation skills, but for the sake of the total class, I might just select some kids, volunteers, that kind of thing.

One of the questions I ask the kids at the end of the lesson is, “Was there enough factual information? Did they need more to argue this case effectively?” If I was going to go back and change anything, I might add some more information to the fact pattern to give kids some more things to latch on to.


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