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Making Civics Real Workshop 8: Rights and Responsibilities of Students  
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Workshop 7

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Student Perspectives: Textbook use

Dana: The We the Students textbook is the different court cases that relate to students and their rights. I've pretty much used this textbook for nearly all of my government classes and for the different competitions I had to participate in, for papers I've had to write. I read it on my own. I know that we haven't covered one or two chapters in the book, but I have read the entire book because it's just that interesting to me. For example, in the class, we never touched upon the subject of sexual harassment, which is down the line. I looked through the cases and read about the student-teacher, student-student violations of rights. I was able to use that information to write a paper for another class, to enter competitions. Reading those cases, I can kind of see that those things are going on around me in the school. I know that, for example, if something happens to me, I'm protected under such and such law. I use the book all the time. It's a great resource. I'd recommend it to anyone, even adults. A lot of the laws that are expressed in the cases can be applied outside of the school walls.


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