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Making Civics Real Workshop 8: Rights and Responsibilities of Students  
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Other Lessons

Legal Thriller Book Review
by JoEllen Ambrose

Assignment: To read a novel that is law-related in theme, often called a "courtroom thriller," OR read a nonfiction book describing a famous lawyer, judge, or particular aspect of the legal system, OR research and write a report about an infamous trial in American history. You choose what interests you most. Book choices must be pre-approved by teacher after filling out the form on the back of the sheet and showing the book to teacher on a set date. Page guidelines: 300 pages or more for an A, 200 pages or more for a B, 100 pages or more for a C.

Write a book review that reveals the plot but also explains legal concepts presented in the book. If your book is also a movie, you are asked to watch the movie and in your review highlight key differences. Also be prepared to discuss the book in class small groups.

All books must be checked by teacher (for legal relevance) by (date). Book reviews or reports are due and Book Club discussion groups will be during class on (date).

Bernhardt, William. Naked Justice.
Bohjalian, Christopher A. Midwives: a Novel.
Brandon, Jay. Defiance County.
Cecil, Henry. Settled Out of Court.
Connelly, Michael. The Concrete Blonde.
Coughlin, William. Shadow of a Doubt.
Dewlen, Al. Twilight of Honor.
Downing, Warwick. The Water Cure.
Dreiser, Theodore. An American Tragedy.
Fish, Robert L. with Henry Rothblatt. A Handy Death.
Friedman, Philip. Inadmissible Evidence, Reasonable Doubt.
Gardner, Eric Stanley. The Case of the Careless Kitten.
Grisham, John. Time to Kill, The Client, The Rainmaker, Runaway Jury, The Chamber, and The Street Lawyer.
Hare, Cyril. Tragedy at Law.
Harr, Jonathan. A Civil Action.
Harrington, William. Which the Justice? Which the Thief?
Hunter, Evan. The Paper Dragon.
Levin, Meyer. Compulsion.
Lustgarten, Edgar. A Case to Answer (One More Unfortunate).
Martini, Steven. Compelling Evidence, Prime Witness.
Patterson, Richard North. Degree of Guilt.
Pate, Alexs. Amistad.
Prejean, Sister Helen. Dead Man Walking.
Queen, Ellery. The Glass Village.
Travor, Robert. Anatomy of a Murder.
Turow, Scott. Presumed Innocent.
Werth, Barry. Damages.
Wheat, Carolyn. Mean Streak.


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