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Making Civics Real Workshop 8: Rights and Responsibilities of Students  
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Workshop 7

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Lesson Plan: Teaching the Lesson: Scheduling and Adaptations

Scheduling and Adaptations

This lesson was videotaped over two class periods of 85 minutes each. The lesson activities could easily be adapted to a more traditional 40- to 45-minute class period. On day one (and perhaps day two depending on how many oral presentations are scheduled), students can present their briefs of previously studied cases. On the next day (or two), small groups can prepare their cases. On each subsequent day, one case can be tried and deliberated.

Matt Johnson notes that if he was teaching this lesson to ninth-graders, he might limit the number of cases and possibly have everybody work on the same hypothetical. He feels that more data in the hypothetical would also help younger students who might not be able to draw on as much experience as the seniors with which he worked.

In terms of adapting the lesson for students of different ability levels, Matt Johnson points out that his class includes students with a wide range of abilities and that, in his judgment, the lesson offers every student an opportunity to show what he or she knows and to demonstrate a mastery of the material.

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