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Making Civics Real Workshop 6: Civic Engagement  
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Workshop 6

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Student Perspectives: Recapping their presentations

Andy: (River clean-up project) I think they enjoyed what we said. They understood what we said, and they thought it was very important--the environment and our community. We got our point across. It was a lot of fun. It gave us an opportunity to tell what we felt. They listened to us, and it kind of makes you feel you get a little more power in the community.

I guess that they were kind of curious [about] the cost. We’re not real up-to-date on the cost because there is not an actual cost that the MCPA’s come up with, so we were a little shaky on that, but there’s nothing we can do. That’s kind of a future event.

John: (River clean-up project) I think it went really well. They were pretty receptive to us. They understood our idea, and they understood what we were going for. I feel really good that we did it and did it successfully and [I] feel kind of relieved. It was a pretty satisfying experience because we were able to empower ourselves and make a difference with the Council and the mayor.

Jenny: (Commuter rail project) I think we really got our point across, and they listened to us really well, which is nice.

Rachel: (Commuter rail project) I think we got all of our ideas across, and [it felt good to] talk to the people that were at home and ask for their support and help with it. [Ed. Note: The meeting was broadcast on a local cable access channel.] I wouldn’t say that there were any [questions] that were really surprising because I have talked with a few of the council members, and they had always been really supportive and already committed to the rail, buying land, and proposing a station for it. There wasn’t any opposition that I really expected.

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