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Making Civics Real Workshop 6: Civic Engagement  
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Workshop 6

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What you see in this video program took place over several days but in fact, the complete lesson takes place over the entire nine-week semester. Early in the semester, Bill Mittlefehldt tends to spend the majority of the 85-minute class periods on content presentation and discussion. Typically, students are assigned a chapter to read over the weekend. During the early part of the week, the teacher discusses this material with the students, providing additional information as needed, and focuses the discussion to how the content relates to the students’ lives (see Connection Points) and to current issues in the news. At the end of the week, students take a test based on the material discussed.

As the semester progresses, the class moves toward greater applications of knowledge, understanding, and initiative as students demonstrate their engagement through the development and presentation of their projects. In schools with more traditional class-period lengths, teachers might have to either devote certain days to out-of-class activities or have meetings with community partners take place before or after school hours.

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