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Making Civics Real Workshop 6: Civic Engagement  
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Workshop 6

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Lesson Plan: Teaching the Lesson: Introduction

As the sixth week of this nine-week unit starts, review the ground rules for the presentations that students are preparing (see Sequence of Learning Activities and Applying Geographic Information to Analyze Public Policy Issues) and provide time for students to organize their presentations. (Bill Mittlefehldt provided 45 minutes for this purpose.) Give each team up to 10 minutes to make their presentation and then another three to five minutes for questions and answers. Review the order in which the teams will be making their presentations and the Team Rubric that will be used by their peers to evaluate their presentations. Troubleshoot to make sure all teams are on track and working with an appropriate community partner. Intervene, if necessary, to ensure that teams schedule meetings with their community partners and can get to them, e.g., Bill Mittlefehldt offers to call the manager at a student’s after-school job to ask him to allow the student to miss work on the day of the student’s presentation to the City Council.

For homework, assign students to read about regional issues and environmental stress. The text used in Bill Mittlefehldt’s course is Human Geography: Culture, Society, and Space (Fourth Edition) by H.J. de Blij (New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1993). For this week, he assigns Chapter 11 and instructs students to look for the impact in their community of environmental stress on Air, Water, Land, Biodiversity, and Energy, which he shortens to the acronym AWLBE.

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