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Making Civics Real Workshop 6: Civic Engagement  
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Workshop 6

Workshop Session
Lesson Plan
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Student Perspectives
Essential Readings
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Lesson Plan: Teaching the Lesson: Activity 2

Activity 2: Student Field Research

Student field research can take any number of forms, including searches on the Internet, but in Bill Mittlefehldt’s class, there are some givens (see Applied Civics Project: Total Community Quality). Students must select a community partner, an individual who is professionally involved in some way in the problem they have identified and who is in a position to provide them with information, maps, and other resources that will assist them to understand the problem, evaluate potential solutions, and become directly involved in working toward a solution. Bill Mittlefehldt’s students have checked the progress of legislation, lobbied members of the legislature, increased awareness of an issue by constructing a large sign at a key intersection, written letters to newspapers, and circulated a petition.

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