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Making Civics Real Workshop 5: Patriotism & Foreign Policy  
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Workshop 5

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Student Perspectives: Constructivist learning environments

Leo: I think I'd say forget the book and educate yourself. Don't follow what somebody else wants you to teach because I think the best knowledge is knowledge that is passed on from one generation to another. Like we trust our moms or our dads or our grandmothers with the knowledge that they give us and we keep. It’s kind of like that with Ms. Chandler. We know she's not reading it out of a book. We know that she knows it. We know that she's experienced these problems or she has experienced this law or that law. It's her passion that kind of keeps us on key. I know a lot of teachers who teach English or Spanish or U.S. government [who] don't even go to community meetings, don't vote, [and] don't do the things that they preach to us to do. I think that they need to take what they are teaching us to heart. I think they need to try to be more like a student where they are willing to learn from us as we're willing to learn from them. You can't go into a classroom and say, "I have the book. I know all the answers. I'm never going to be wrong" because there are times when you're going to be wrong. I think the best teachers know that they can be educated by their students.


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