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Making Civics Real Workshop 3: Public Policy & the Federal Budget  
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Workshop 3

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Teacher Perspectives: Role of technology

Leslie Martin: I’d like technology to actually [have] a bigger role, but I can’t always make that happen. I will do this activity again where we have laptop computers for small groups. Almost every student in this class has access to the Internet at home. I’ve used activities where they had to go find their own resources. Many times if we do small-group work I will require that the presentations be in PowerPoint. We do have technology difficulties and sometimes I’m very frustrated when it doesn’t work because it takes class time that is really valuable.

I think about using technology in a variety of ways. I really like when all my students have access to the Internet to send them on a Web search. I’ll say go and surf and see what you can find. They are using each other’s Web sites. I’ve found that if I am too broad in my directions I get all kinds of data. My students in general don’t look at who put what on the Web. The Web is a free place and anybody who wants to can put a Web site out but that doesn’t mean they are experts. So I will say these are the five Web sites that I want you to use as your basis. There are others that you can use but make sure it [was developed by] an expert.


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