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Making Civics Real Workshop 3: Public Policy & the Federal Budget  
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Workshop 3

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Student Perspectives: The issues

Alex: I know that I’m not working and I don’t get a paycheck but I’m sure that the day I get my first paycheck I’m not going to want to hear that I’m going to have to pay half to the government. Many people don’t like paying their taxes but they know they have to do it because you don’t have a choice. I sometimes wish there were other ways that the government could get money besides taxes, but there aren’t. It’s something that has to be done.

Andrew: I thought we were just going to run numbers and percentages--just split everything down the middle. I wanted to fund certain sections more than others. I then realized that other people wanted to fund different sections. So it was a mess in the beginning but we finally got everything straightened out. What happened is that I had a conflict with [another student] over one issue, and that was about education vs. defense. In the end, we decided to give them equal funding. He was concerned about the oil drilling that they wanted to do in Alaska. I was kind of for it but I really wanted to get off of oil. I wanted to avoid the whole situation completely. So we compromised and we made up a plan that we were going to devote most of our money that goes into energy into research. It worked out fine in the end. Oh yeah, it took awhile. [The other student] is an environmentalist. He really didn’t want us to drill oil. He felt that if we do that, we would destroy a lot of our nature and beauty. I believe that it’s very important, too. I know if I had kids, I would like to have them be able to go to a national park. He was convinced that anything that goes to energy goes to helping produce oil. I realized that I thought it just went to research. So it was really just combining all of this information together and putting together a plan.


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