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Making Civics Real Workshop 2: Electoral Politics  
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Workshop 2

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Teacher Perspectives: Students' presentations

Jose Velazquez: I was impressed by the graphic organizers that the students did. I think they showed a lot of creativity, a lot of reflection about how to represent the issues in visual ways. Some students did traditional outlines. Some students did more cartoon representation. Some students did highlighting and actually put what they thought would be important statistics that people needed to know to understand the issues.

I was especially impressed with the group on racial and gender discrimination because they were really starting from scratch. They had problems with not only doing the research, but also [with defining] what racial and gender discrimination is in the context of Newark, New Jersey. I think they handled that very well. The process of articulating what the problems were, doing a survey quickly, and then putting together a visual organizer, I thought went very well.

The oral presentations were very good. As I was [using] the rubric, most of [what] I was checking off was good to exceptional. They spoke extemporaneously so they knew the issues. They weren’t reading from papers or documents. They were very adept at explaining why they thought those issues were important. Some of them articulated the problems really well. At some points I had to reinforce them and push them to convert problems to possible solutions.


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