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Making Civics Real Workshop 2: Electoral Politics  
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Workshop 2

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Student Perspectives: Voting

Tremayne: I am 18 years old. The fact that I’m now a registered voter means that this class impacts me more than some of the other students who can’t vote, because now the class will directly influence my opinion on who I vote for.

Maysa: This process has made me more interested in being able to vote because the people decide on who becomes the mayor. I feel that everyone should vote regardless of how you feel about the election or how you feel about the candidates. If you feel that a candidate is the best one for the job, you should vote for him. If they miss your vote, who knows? That one vote might change who becomes the mayor.

Ebony: I’m turning 18 on February 5, and I am going to be voting because I realize now that my vote can make a difference. I have ideas [about] whom I’m going to vote for and I’m making my decision based on how the past has been (I learned a lot about that) and what I want the future to be like. I’m basing my vote on who can change our school system and our environment--who will make life better in general and overall.


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