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Making Civics Real Workshop 2: Electoral Politics  
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Workshop 2

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Lesson Plan:Teaching the Lesson: Activity 3

Activity 3: Finalize Student Voices Agenda

The objective of this activity is to reach a consensus on the Youth Issues Agenda and prepare the class for participation in the meeting with the mayoral candidates. Prior to class, create a Draft Student Issues Agenda by combining the two priority issues of each focus group into a single document for review. Post this Agenda or distribute copies of it to the class.

Begin by providing feedback on the previous activity’s presentations and reviewing the draft of the Youth Issues Agenda. Through class discussion, students should revise the draft as necessary to ensure that it represents them. Lead a discussion to develop consensus on the specific items that will comprise the Student Voices Agenda for this class (see Building Consensus).

For homework, students should develop questions that they would like to ask the candidates and practice asking them.

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