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Making Civics Real Workshop 2: Electoral Politics  
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Workshop 2

Workshop Session
Lesson Plan
Teacher Perspectives
Student Perspectives
Essential Readings
Other Lessons
Lesson Plan: Resources: Related Reading and Web Sites

Below you will find additional resources pertaining to this lesson.

Hahn, Carole L. “Student Views of Democracy: The Good News and Bad News,” Social Education. Vol. 65, No. 7, November-December 2001, pp.456-60.

Center for Civic Education http://www.civiced.org

CNN http://www.cnn.com/ALLPOLITICS

Public Broadcasting Service Teachersource http://pbs.org/teachersource/soc_stud.htm Click on “High School” and then on “Voting and Campaigns” for additional lesson plans. Also, http://pbs.org/teachersource/recommended/rec_links_social.shtm Click “Civics and Government” under Archived Recommendations.

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