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Making Civics Real Workshop 1: Freedom of Religion  
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Teacher Perspectives: The value of constructivist learning

Kristen Borges: In this kind of project, students have some freedom to explore different ideas. It makes more of a personal connection and becomes more relevant to the student than just reading and answering questions. They have more room to explore ideas. They have more ability to exchange ideas with each other and to connect to real-life experiences.

It also makes teaching and learning more fun. You can see it on the students’ faces when they’re engaged in something like this--that it is something that they are taking ownership of, something that seems valuable to them. They tell you that. They talk about the stuff that they are learning more so then when I am doing strictly bookwork or strictly questions or a traditional test. There is time to have your foundations and to have students be in the books or listening to a lecture to get some basic information. But when they can take that basic information and turn it into this creative process and allow themselves to become performers, I think it’s more valuable for them.


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