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Re: [Channel-talkcivics] Making Civics Real

From: Lynn Saxton <lsaxton@warsaw.k12.ny.us>
Date: Mon Aug 20 2007 - 13:50:06 EDT
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Hi Elyse,
I think that trial must have interested the students very much. Do you have a specific list of essential questions you deal with every year, or do you tailor it to the current news and student interests?


>>> <Efroehlich1@aol.com> 08/19/07 1:35 PM >>>
I have not tried Fantasy Congress, but I will check out the web site. It
appears from the messages that most all are teaching high school, particularly
AP. I just have 8th graders for civics, so what I'm trying to do are
several of the ideas discussed here, but more on their level. For instance,
starting in the 7th grade we do a mock trial of a fairytale. That helps to
introduce the justice system. Then, towards the end of 8th grade we hunt around
for an interesting real case. The first time I tried it we were struggling
with the essential question, 'Does violence in the media create violent
behavior?" Then the students used the actual case whereby a 12 year old boy in
Florida stated he was just doing what he saw on television when he wrestled with a
seven year old and killed her. I would imagine with older students you can
really have fun because they are capable of so much.

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