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  Making Civics Real: A Workshop for Teachers  
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About This Workshop: Workshop Components

Making Civics Real consists of eight one-hour video programs, a print guide to the workshop activities, and this Web site. Use these components for professional development in two-hour weekly group sessions, or on your own. Link to Getting the Materials for more information on obtaining these components.

Video Programs
Making Civics Real includes eight one-hour video programs. Each program focuses on one classroom where a teacher and his or her students are engaged in a constructivist lesson. Each program combines footage of the lesson being experienced by the students with interviews with the teacher and students about their experiences. The lessons are separated into distinct activities to highlight all the parts necessary to make the lesson work.

Workshop Session Guide
This workshop includes a guide to the workshop activities and discussion questions to help you structure your workshop sessions and make the most of the materials provided. The guide begins with an essay on the benefits of using constructivist methodologies for civic education and provides the following material for each video program:

  • Workshop Overview: a brief summary of the video program, including information on the teacher, the school, and the course being profiled
  • Key Concepts: a list of content-related and methodological issues to keep in mind during the workshop session
  • Before Viewing: a warm-up activity to engage you in the concepts and strategies of the workshop program
  • Watch the Video: discussion questions related to the specific activity segments in the program
  • Before Next Week: an activity that you can do between workshop sessions to practice the strategies discussed

Web Site
The Web site expands on the topics shown in the program and provides tools to help you adapt the lessons and strategies shown for your own classroom. The Web site also provides extensive resources for teachers related to constructivist methodologies and civics content. The Web site has three main areas: Workshops 1 through 8, Tools for Teaching and Support Materials.

Workshops 1 through 8:

  • Workshop Session: an overview of the content of that program and the related resources available on the Web site
  • Lesson Plan: information on the teacher’s method of teaching the lesson, the national standards the lesson addresses, additional resources and the teaching materials used for the lesson
  • Teacher Perspectives: reflections from the teacher in the program that pertain to the lesson and constructivist teaching
  • Student Perspectives: reflections from the students in the program about the lesson and how constructivist teaching strategies help them learn
  • Essential Readings: essays that elaborate on the key strategy or strategies used in teaching the lesson
  • Other Lessons: articles that suggest ways to use the strategies shown with different content

Tools for Teaching:

  • Lesson Collection: a database of the lessons provided in Workshops 1 through 8
  • Teacher Perspectives: a collection of the reflections from the teachers profiled in Workshops 1 through 8
  • Student Perspectives: a collection of the reflections from the students profiled in Workshops 1 through 8
  • Essential Readings: a collection of the essential essays on teaching civics and using constructivist strategies
  • Primary Sources: a collection of primary sources offered on the site
  • National Standards: the National Standards from the Center for Civic Education and the National Council for the Social Studies

Support Materials makes the workshop guide available online to read or print out.

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