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Reactions in Chemistry
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Re: [Channel-talkchemistry] Nanotubes

From: Veronica Zaleski <Veronica.Zaleski@maps.k12.wi.us>
Date: Mon Feb 12 2007 - 15:59:55 EST

I did and found it to be informative; I was looking to see if other
teachers found some other sources. Thanks.


Ms. Veronica Zaleski

Merrill Area Public Schools

Science Department

(715) 536-4594 ext. 3134

1201 N. Sales St.

Merrill, WI 54452

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Subject: Re: [Channel-talkchemistry] Nanotubes


Dear Veronica,


If you go to the series Web site page for Unit 1:

You will find links for articles about nanotubes.



Michele McLeod


Michele McLeod | Sr. Program Officer |Annenberg Media



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To: channel-talkchemistry@learner.org
Subject: [Channel-talkchemistry] Nanotubes




Does anyone have a great site or two regarding carbon nanotubes? My
students seem very interested in HOW these tubes work as well as their
applications. I do not seem to have enough sound resources for them.
An article or two would be great too. Thanks.


Veronica Zaleski

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